5 Reasons EVERYONE Needs A Professional Headshot

I love when a new year rolls around.  It’s that glass half full time of year that teems with possibilities as we look to the months ahead with hope and set our sights on achieving new goals, big and small.  It’s also the perfect time for updating your image and putting a fresh face out into the world.  And it’s something that just about everyone needs!  Here are my 5 reasons that EVERYONE needs a professional headshot.

DSC_8184_SM 5 Reasons EVERYONE Needs A Professional Headshot
1.  First Impressions

First and foremost , your headshot is the first impression you make to those in the online universe.  According to psychologists, it only takes people a tenth of a second to size you up after viewing your photo. And if they’ve made their mind up about you, they’ve made their mind up about your business as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a realtor, a blogger, or a social media rockstar, you need a professional headshot to share on a variety of different platforms:  your websites, printable marketing materials, and social media profiles.  Your headshot is first impression potential clients have of you and/or your business.

According to psychologists, it only takes people a tenth of a second to size you up after viewing your photo online. And if they've made up their mind about you, they've made up their mind about your business as well. … Click To Tweet
2.  Social Media & Online Presence

What if you don’t have a website or need marketing materials?  You still need a professional headshot.  Why?  It’s common practice for potential employers check your social media accounts nowadays to determine exactly what kind of person you really are.  Let’s equate it to this old adage:  “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  Having a professional headshot for your social media profiles sets you apart from the crowd.  It says you care about your image, and that you have goals and aspirations for the future.  BONUS:  Attaching a professional headshot photo to a resume helps a potential employer associate your face with your accomplishments.  You instantly become a person, not just a name on paper.

3.  Establishing Familiarity

Calling all business owners!!!  When you have a professional headshot that potential clients view on a daily basis online or otherwise, you begin to establish familiarity in your community, and that will go a long way in bringing clients through the door.  Here’s a personal story on this topic.  When I first moved to Georgetown, I marketed my photography business like crazy online.  I sponsored posts for Facebook users in the area, and my headshot was in every post.  One day, I went to a chiropractor as a new patient, and when I got there, she told me I looked very familiar to her.  I told her I was new to the area, and owned a photography business, and she instantly realized that’s where she new me from.  She’d seen my sponsored posts on Facebook, and by default, my headshot.  Establishing this kind of connection with potential clients can only boost your business!  When potential clients become familiar with seeing your face everywhere and instantly associate your face with your business or company, you become the go-to person in your community for that product or service.

4.  Building Your Brand

Building your brand goes hand in hand with establishing familiarity.  Take a look at the logos below.  I’d be willing to bet that you can name everyone of them.  (Well, almost.  If you’re not from Texas, the last one might be a toughie!)

Brands 5 Reasons EVERYONE Needs A Professional Headshot

Not only can you name the company, you can most likely tell me what products they sell and each one evokes some kind of emotion within you about that company.  The same thing goes for you and the image you portray.   Essentially, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND.   What do you want your potential clients to think or feel when they see you?  And this leads us to reason number 5….

5.  Keeping it Professional

So at this point, we’ve established that having a headshot is pretty much a “must-have” in today’s world.  But the last point I want to make is that it truly does need to be a professionally done.   Why?  Think about this.  You need to hire a mechanic to work on your car, so you start do some research online.  You are comparing a couple of mechanics that pop up and click on their links.  The first website is well put together, all the business information is there, and you see the image of a clean cut guy, clean clothes, holding a wrench and standing in his clean and organized garage.  He’s smiling, and seems approachable and friendly.  You make a few mental notes, then click on the next link.  The next website has some information – an address, a list of services, and no photos.  The last website has some business information and what looks to be a cell phone photo of a guy in grease stained clothes standing outside next to a vehicle with the hood up.  He’s not looking at the camera, and the photo seems a bit dark and grainy.  So, which guy are you going to hire?  If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna hire mechanic number one.  I can see that he is the business owner, and the effort he has put into his website tells me he is a (here’s the keyword, folks!) professional.  Having a professional headshot instantly makes you appear to be a professional business owner, an expert in your field.

So that’s it – my five reasons everyone needs a professional headshot.  And like I said at the beginning of this post, the beginning of a brand new year is the perfect time to update your image and start accomplishing those goals for this year – whether it’s getting that dream job or bringing in your dream clients! That’s why during the month of January, I’m running a special promotion! Use the code NEWYEAR and save $25 on your Professional Business Portrait Session!

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