Why are Mounted Prints the Best? Find Out.

At SNP, we specialize in providing clients with ways to display their art that are not only beautiful and tangible, but also built to last the test of time.  We strive to provide only the highest quality products, and you can definitely see and feel the difference with our Mounted Prints!  They definitely are far and above the quality of any print you would get at your local drugstore photo kiosk, and make the absolute perfect gift for friends and family, any time of year!

What is a Mounted Print?

A mounted print is essentially a photographic print that has been affixed to a thicker medium for added durability and protection.  At Sweet Nothings Photography, mounted prints are affixed to two different mediums, depending on the size of the print:  matboard and styrene.  Matboard is heavyweight, fiber based mount, and is used to mount prints sized 4×6 to 16×20.  Styrene is a type of plastic, and provides added stability to our larger wall prints, sized 16×24 to 30×40.

SNP_9841_SM Why are Mounted Prints the Best?  Find Out.

Mounted Prints AREN’T Your Typical  Drugstore Prints…  And this is Why!

  1. Superior Quality
    Let’s talk about how these prints are created.  A great deal of technology and care goes into every image printed.  All prints are printed by a professional photo lab, and are printed on Kodak Endura Professional Photo Lustre Paper using archival quality inks.  The print is then machine pressed with a beautiful linen texture to give a fine art feel to the image.  For added protection, a lustre coating is brushed onto the print to protect the print from the oils in our skin and damaging UV rays.  It is then mounted to either matboard or styrene (depending on the size).  And because they are printed by a professional photo lab, you have a 100% accurate color guarantee.  {Learn more about that here.}
  2.  Longevity
    The lustre coating and mounting process are meant to provide a longevity to your prints by offering protection to the image from oils, UV rays, tearing, and warping.  Why do we put so much effort?  It goes back to our business model and what we’re all about.  We want the products you purchase from SNP to be heirloom quality.  They are built to last,  for you to pass down these treasured memories to your kids and grandkids.
  3.  Display Options
    One of the benefit to Mounted Prints is that there are a couple of different ways to display them.  Of course, they can be framed like any other print, and this ensures the print is even further protected.  But, if your style is a little more modern, you may consider using an easel to display your Mounted Print!

SNP_9851_SM Why are Mounted Prints the Best?  Find Out.

As you can see, at SNP we put a lot of thought and effort into making sure your memories last.  Learn more about the other great heirloom quality products we offer {HERE}.

blog-signature001 Why are Mounted Prints the Best?  Find Out.



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